Our story begins in 1881, in the marketplaces of the wholesale dry fruit distribution.


Not only has it been a long journey, but a very exciting one at that. Research, enthusiasm, and constant innovation have led us far and wide, in search of the best fruit the world could offer. This attitude has enabled Dattilo to enjoy continuous evolution, which resulted in the rise of our snacks line.


Crunchy peanuts, spicy corn nuggets, tasty crisps, and many other delicacies: the unmistakable taste of your parties and happy hours.

Such a novelty enabled the company to explore new possibilities, standing out in the market due to its dynamism and ability to imagine, develop, and launch unique and groundbreaking products. The packaging style, as well, has been evolving, becoming ever more appealing and disruptive, both beautiful to look at and easy to enjoy.


Pails, vacuum bags, jars, and packages, are all made with fine materials in order to preserve quality, freshness, and the organoleptic properties of the products, and to respect the hygiene standards.

Industria & Distribuzione is based in Frattamaggiore (Naples), and today is on the market with seven product lines, offering snacks and dry fruit through multiple sales methods and to a wide array of distributors, such as HO.RE.CA and GDO. The great care in selecting the raw ingredients, the products’ authenticity, the production and commercial flexibility, as well as the attention to its customers’ needs, has made I&D a reliable partner and a landmark in its industry, both in Italy and worldwide.

dattilo dal 1881
Since 1881
We have been selecting and transforming the best dry fruit, to which we added the tastiest and most popular savory snacks.

Since its beginnings, I&D has paid the utmost attention to the different stages of the production process, from the import of raw materials, to the products storage and packing. The company has always been geared towards innovation and constant improvement, with the purpose of preserving all the characteristics of snacks and fruit while, at the same time, guaranteeing quality and safety.

For this reason, the company makes great use of its research and development sector, which identifies the most innovative methods to preserve the products as freshly harvested. In the pursuit of quality, the selection of the best materials for packaging is crucial. This enables us to offer you fresh and appealing products.

I&B is also a long-time member of the International Peanut Industry, based in Virginia, along with the biggest importers and producers in the peanut market. Today, the company boasts a productive system that relies on cutting-edge technologies, which maintain the products’ taste and flavour without the need for preserving agents.


On orders over 35€

I&D uses the Food Safety System, certified by DNV, UNI EN ISO 22000

certificato iso 22000

Via Montegrappa n.° 37

80027 Frattamaggiore (Na)

Tel. +39 081.8801566

P. IVA 03987031212

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